this used to be our family blog entitled "British Royalty versus the Ramsey Clan" (since i'm descended from King Edward II and jon is a descendant from the Ramsay Clan) but since jon never participated, and my mom is the only one who reads this, it is now a format for writing her letters. I mean, for writing you letters, mom.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

the new cat

on my way home from a long day at school,
i stopped to pick up some dog food. in the store
there was a tiny little black cat in a cage. i grabbed
an oversized bag of dog food, walked over to
the cat cage and stuck my hand through the bars
to say hello. he stared at me with severe depression.
i read that he was rescued from the roadside at only
4 weeks old after his mother and siblings had been
killed by a car. he then had an owner for 6
years but couldn't go with her when she moved.
he then spent a couple weeks in foster care and
made his way toward adoption, wanting a forever
home. well, i couldn't take it ... and adopted him
(with cat-allergy jon's permission).

Leonardo Xavier Rutherford.

Leo settled in very quickly, begged for milk
and didn't get any more when it gave him diarrhea,
and made jon his new buddy, following him around
and turning jon into a cat lover.

Leo is the nicest cat ever born. Jon now hates our
other cats (more than before) compared to Leo who
has had a crap life, gets attacked by our other animals,
and refuses to protect or retaliate with violence, using
his claws only for playing with toys. what a good cat., how do we get rid of the other ones!?