this used to be our family blog entitled "British Royalty versus the Ramsey Clan" (since i'm descended from King Edward II and jon is a descendant from the Ramsay Clan) but since jon never participated, and my mom is the only one who reads this, it is now a format for writing her letters. I mean, for writing you letters, mom.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stuff only my Mom would care about:

AAAhhh, the family blog update. It will be severely boring to you unless you are my mother. So, Margie and Piper will try to take you along on a journey through our latest happenings...

Here we are waiting for Sue to throw the ball. She makes us wait too long, But we'll stand here forever, drooling, until she does:

One evening, she made an oven-roasted chicken and we couldn't stand the torture of being forced to smell it all night without being able to eat all of it. A lousy small treat portion was given:

Here's Leo who, just as he got good at climbing trees, has been quarantined inside after a neighbour complained of the cats pooping in their flower beds:

Here's sassy, jerk Napoleon. He whines a lot when he can't go outside. and whaps us and bites sometimes. what a jerk. but Susan seems to like cuddling with him for some reason:

Here's fat cat Phineas who lies around, eats, and meaows when he gets lost in the basement every 5 minutes:

Here we are running the ball back to susan so she'll throw it again to us for us to chase. our job is hard, but we love doing it:

We got to poop in this area of the yard for a year to get susan's garden all fertilized. then we got to eat all the grass out for her. then she planted her seeds yesterday, so we don't get to go in there anymore. But we do still have to eat all the grass around the fence, so our work is never complete, until winter (then we have the "stick project" to worry about):

Here's soem Spring litter susan found in our front yard after the snow melted. It was the most interesting as of yet! Half a Cinderella doll, a kid army jacket, energy drinks, and meat sticks... mmm, good stuff to chew on i'd say:

Here's all of us pets lying on susan as jon takes the picture. we like to all lie on her because she gets really warm and scratches our backs:

here's the front yard flowers this year. some sort of animal must've eaten all the Black Beauty tulips this year:

but here was a stray black beauty:

and an orange spikey one:

the parrot kind:


and a home-made hybrid:

The End. We hope you enjoyed our update... Do we get a treat now???