this used to be our family blog entitled "British Royalty versus the Ramsey Clan" (since i'm descended from King Edward II and jon is a descendant from the Ramsay Clan) but since jon never participated, and my mom is the only one who reads this, it is now a format for writing her letters. I mean, for writing you letters, mom.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Currently, Susan's favorite picture is
"Summer at the Lake."
She has even installed it as her background
wallpaper on her pc.
Aubrey and Ben lead the way down the lakefront street
as Sophie and Drew watch Anji perfectly toss a frisbee
caught on digifilm gloriously in midair; tall trees waving
lazily in the wind, wild tall grasses growing alongside;
notice the retro 1960s flair of the composition
(minus modern car in background); a carefree
warm mid-Minnesota summer day.

Her favorite current food is the caterpillar roll.
Just can't bring herself to order anything
else because the eel-cuc-avocado-rice-seaweed
combination dipped in pickled-ginger-and-(heavy
on the)-wasabi-flavoured soy sauce held by chopsticks
is just too good to pass up. Like soft, nutty velvet
floating over a sea of thankful tastebuds. mmm.

Her current favorite tv find: The Lost Room.
A delightful surprise return of "Nate" from her
former favorite show Six Feet Under plays a
father in desperate search of his daughter who
disappeared behind the door to a mysterious
hotel room. Only one key can open the door,
and along with it are other objects which posess
unsual powers. Extremely well-written, acted,
and filmed. With the horribly forced boredom that is
on tv lately, this was a refreshing, actually-interesting find.

...And current favorite drink:
Calypso Natural Lemonade, with real lemon bits!
This taste of the islands is a heavenly idyllic balance
of sweet and tart. Susan believes one of the most difficult culinary feats
to achieve is making a good lemonade - and Calypso has done it.


Courtney said...

Eel - are you SERIOUS, there is eel in that thing?

Gag-o-rama! (But I'm so glad you enjoy it!)

nfghfh said...

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